SMT Rework System Packages

How to choose the best Rework System Package which will do what you need and will fit your budget?

  1. Choose from the table below the X-FineRework Series which is suitable for you.
    Each Series addresses different sizes of the boards, which you will need to work on. X-letter in the Series indicates that instead of a Pre-Heater Base you will have a base containing a Pre-heater and also Built-in Hot Air Pencil, Iron and Vacuum Pick-up.
  2. Go to the next table containing the Series, which you want, and select the exact combination of accessories which are the best for you.
  3. Make a note of the complete X-FineRework ... ... Part Number. This is Rework System Package that you need.

Table 1: List of different Series of the X-FineRework Units available for you.

This is base combination of our units to make new generation SMT Rework/Repair system offers precise and accurate monitoring of process temperatures at a working point on a PCB.

X-FineRework Series FOCUS"X1" SMT-ServiCE X-1003 X-1001 XU-6 XU-5 XU-1S Your Choice of XK-Series Tool Holder and/or Illumination System 
Please Choose base combination, which BEST suites your needs Programmable, Intelligent SMT Rework/Repair Unit with connections at the back. Just Patented in US, Japan and Europe Digital PID Control SMT Rework/Repair Unit with integrated Pre heater, Hot Air Pencil, Iron and vacuum Pick-up Digital, High Power PCB Pre-Heater for Rework of SMT Technology Boards, with very accurate six zone temperature control Digital, SMT High Power, Large Area Under board Pre heater PCB Holder especially designed for this pre-heater to well support large boards Open Frame Board Holder with X Y micrometer positioning of PCB for boards up to 14" wide Universal, Retractable Board Holder for boards up to 12" wide
What it Contains FOCUS"X1" SMT-ServiCE X-1003 X-1001 XU-6 XU-5 XU-1S
X-FineRework-6L FOCUS"X1"   X-1003   XU-6     X
X-FineRework-LX FOCUS"X1" SMT-ServiCE       XU-5   X
X-FineRework-L FOCUS"X1"     X-1001   XU-5   X
X-FineRework-SX FOCUS"X1" SMT-ServiCE         XU-1S X
X-FineRework-S FOCUS"X1"     X-1001     XU-1S X

All systems additionally include:

  • Nozzle #107 - Nozzle XNB-27x27 for BGA225 Component
  • XCB-1R - Cord connecting Focus "X" with Pre-heater Based Rework System SMT-SerwiCE or Preheaters X-1000.

If you need any other, not listed combination, please contact either the distributor or factory direct at: We will certainly accommodate you and give you what you really need.

Please note that all X-KAR Subsystems are interchangeable. You will be able to add later any other subsystem if you needed. E.g. Use XK-4 instead of XK-2 or change manual lift for Auto-lift or interchange SMT-ServiCE with X-1001 Pre-heater etc.

Optional and absolutely recommended accessories:

XFR-Commander XFR-Commander Control Software which brings X-FineRework to another level
X485-USB Converter X485-USB Converter A Converter which allows for connection of FOCUS "X" and SMT-ServiCE to a PC (Desktop or Laptop) to upgrade Firmware (if needed) and to control and program entire system from a PC.